Google Webmaster Tools reports are now more integrated as part of Google Analytics. In June a pilot program between the two services was introduced . As of today the Analytics team announced the initial tests are done and everyone will now be able to link Webmaster tools and Google Analytics accounts.

SEO REPORTS in Google Analytics !

The initial offering excites our SEO team as there are three new reports derived primarily from Webmaster Tools data.These can be found under the Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics, in a section aptly labeled Search Engine Optimization. The three reports are Queries, Landing Pages, and Geographical Summary. Here’s a screenshot :

To be able to activate this you have to be the administrator on both accounts here’s a step by step guide to gain access to these reports

1. Sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools Account

2. Choose the website  and click on manage site then choose the Google Analytics Property options

3. Then link the correct analytics account and save

4. Access your analytics account by clicking on the tab on the top left hand portion

5. You will then be able to go to traffic sources and access the SEO reports . If you are unable to see this you may want to try and switch to the new version of Analytics and make that default.

6. Spend a lot of time dissecting your data for better search engine optimization 🙂


We are very excited with all these new improvements and for me personally a solid source of information straight from the search engine which is essential to our business is always welcome. One lesson from this experience is that we as a team need a lot more time to analyze, customize and integrate these new offerings into our reporting and site audit scheduling. The more we know the more we are humbled by the amount of customization you can get on the latest iteration of Google’s tools. Thank you Google but I still will not admit I am a G fanboy.

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