Unless you’re someone who’s living under a rock, then you’re probably at least slightly aware of what Survivor – a famous reality TV show – is. Today, the audience defines the TV show as a half-social, half-strategy game. In a way, this already sums up what your action plan should be when you work on social media marketing.

Depositphotos_5953562_sFacebook a.k.a FB
It currently has 903 million members – and counting. This website alone is responsible for the closing down of other once-popular social networking sites like Friendster, MySpace and – the most recent – Multiply. It has become a very powerful marketing tool for website owners since users discovered that the content they post on their walls or share with their networks doesn’t have to be personal all the time.

If you want to try Facebook marketing, you can simply start by creating a page for your business. Once you have your page, don’t forget to keep posting relevant contents to get your target consumers like your page. And also, don’t forget to do this everyday.

Google Plus or Google+
Although it’s not as globally influential as Facebook, the search engine’s networking service does have members where it counts. Its 343 million members find use for Google Plus – even if they’re Facebook users as well – because of the site’s unique platform. Features like “Hangouts”, “Hashtags” and “Communities” provide users with new ways to connect with their market.

Each “plus” to your network helps improve search results so you should work hard on getting connected with as many target audience as you can.

The growth of this micro-blogging site is almost as explosive as Facebook with 288 million members – and still counting of course. Celebrities are its most famous users. So if you’re lucky enough to score any kind of interaction with its most popular users, that’s going to be a huge boost to your business.

An interesting fact about Twitter is that you’re limited to use only 140 characters in your every post. Make sure to make your post informative and straight to the point.

Linked In
You might not hear this as often as you hear Facebook and Twitter. But this doesn’t mean you should scratch this off your list of most effective social mediate sites for marketing. This website, with 175 million users, can serve as a bridge between you and your future clients or even employees. Unlike other sites, Linked In does not allow for any kind of fluff. You just need to go out there and be clear with what you can offer and expect in return. Then let the negotiations begin after that!

Instagram a.k.a IG
Finally, you have IG, which – as many of you may know – was recently bought by Facebook. It has 100 million users but expect this figure to increase in the near future as well. To do marketing in Instagram, it’s not enough to have the most fantastic photos. They have to be viral-worthy and backed by interesting captions as well. Also, don’t forget to use “Hashtags” as it helps you get more attention.

Making use of all these five social media sites for marketing can be intimidating, If you don’t think you can do it all alone then you can always ask for help from a professional web design agency.

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