If your comprehension of SEO is exclusive to striking an agreement with an online advertising agency, then it’s time to know more about THAT thing which they call search engine optimization.  The question now is, where do you start?  Well, since you can easily check out what SEO is with just a few clicks from your computer, you might as well start knowing more about it by keeping yourself abreast with the latest trends in SEO.

With the year 2013 just around the corner, trends in online advertising have shifted and are now including YouTube Marketing.  If you are interested in generating more buzz for your website, engaging your visitors, or including something different in your online marketing plan, YouTube marketing would be your best bet.  And of course, aside from these, YouTube Marketing can also help you increase awareness for your brand as well as enhance your internet visibility. If you’re in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles web design company that knows what it is doing will not only help you when it comes to the design concepts of your website but advise you on the aesthetics of YouTube advertising as well.

If this has gotten you to start thinking, start mapping out a feasible plan before anything else.  As it is, the first thing that you should do is to consider which video materials you should use for marketing purposes.  Some ideas may include:

1. Showcasing what your company is made of

• One idea is to create a video exhibiting your corporate team, your business process and how you provide services to your clients, and also ultimately showcasing the management team. You can showcase your company’s assets in such a way that people immediately understand your company and appreciate your brand.

2. Creating instructional videos

• If your company is known for being an expert in a certain field, you can opt to put up a video that would showcase how your group does things.  Make sure that this video will capture your audience’s attention.  Make it instructional by following a how-to format.  People find it hard to resist things that they can learn much from.

3. Highlighting product features

• Put the emphasis on what makes your products or services unique but craft the message in such a way that it would not overwhelm the viewing audience.  You can create a need for your product and service BUT do it succinctly by using subtle tones and keeping things light and fun.

4. Capturing testimonials on video

• Another option if you want to engage in YouTube marketing is to schedule a video shoot and ask some of your clients to participate.  This will not only improve awareness regarding your brand, it will also work in enhancing customer loyalty from your current clientele’s end.

5. Discussing FAQ’s

• Finally, if your company is involved in a rather technical field and you want to provide more information for your clients, you can do so by discussing some frequently-asked questions on video.  This can be another point in your favour since a lot of people nowadays pass the time by watching videos.

Now that you have a lot of ideas for your video materials, the next thing to do is to have your online advertising agency start on an effective SEO strategy for your YouTube videos.  They might try several tactics such as writing effective descriptions, encouraging more views, optimizing YouTube tags, adding rich snippets of these videos to the source code and even by creating a video sitemap.  Using some or all of these techniques would now depend on the best SEO strategy that would work for your business, something that would best be discussed with your chosen online advertising company and Los Angeles web design company.

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