We are just over a week into the New Year, which means it is time to lay down your strategy for the next twelve months.


If you are an Online Marketing Agency, you should seriously consider including Pinterest in your strategy. There are several reasons why Pinterest is the marketing tool for 2013.

Pinterest is a social networking site where users can share the things that they like by “pinning” them ontheir own or on other people’s “pinboards”. And just like with other social networking sites, you can follow people and have your own followers. The result is like a visual collage of the all the things that you like. You can even use Pinterest to organize fashion, home decoration or renovation ideas.

So why should you choose Pinterest as a marketing tool for 2013?

Pinterest Population
Pinterest has one of the fastest growing audiences among social media sites with an average of over 1 million visitors per day. Since May 2011 the site has had a 2,702.2 percent increase in total unique visitors. In fact, as of July 2012, the site had 23 million unique monthly visitors and these people viewed more than 1.7 billion pages per month.

Important Facts about Pinterest
Other important factors that may convince you to include Pinterest in your 2013 marketing strategy include the following:

• Pinterest has a higher referral traffic percentage than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined.
• Pinterest expertly draws traffic to your site. How? When you pin an image or video from your site to your Pinterest pinboard, it links back automatically to your site. Many businesses are actually benefitting from Pinterest because it drives more traffic to their site than other social media networks.
• Pinterest users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site.
• With Pinterest, you can share images not just with other users but also with Facebook and Twitter users as well as through blogs. This means that your content is seen by even more people and is linked back to your site.
• Pinterest is very visual. Visuals appeal to most people, especially to those who dislike text-heavy pages. Visuals also tell what you are all about at a glance.
• Finally, Pinterest is very well optimized for search, which means that images or videos you pin on the site can be more searchable on search engines than even content on your own website. It is a great way for your target people to find you on the internet.

Interestingly, the majority of Pinterest users are women. This means that businesses that cater to women have a slight advantage in terms of profiting from using Pinterest as a marketing tool. 50 percent of users have a child, which means businesses that cater to children also stand to benefit from the site.

The predominant age group is the 25-34 bracket, making up 27.4 percent. Pinterest users also have purchasing power with annual incomes of over USD 100,000,which is great news for any business.


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