Since I started writing about SEO – for an Internet marketing company, I’ve read numerous articles about Internet marketing facts and myths. As time passes, one would think that these myths would have gone away with how Internet has become increasingly available to people. But surprisingly, a number of myths still persist and I’d like to take the time today to discuss and refute them.

5 Internet Marketing Myths that Just Won’t Go Away

Words like “read this” and “click here” make for acceptable anchor texts.

Absolutely not! Think about it this way – would you ever type the words “read this” or “click here” when searching about any particular product, service, company or individual? So why would you ever think it would make a good anchor text for your links?

There is no need for social media marketing if your target market consists of older adults.

Absolutely untrue! You can search for the latest statistics about social media users and all of them will agree that there are more “mature” adults than you think who are actively using Facebook. However, I would have to note that most of these mature adults are only on Facebook. Many of them have yet to get the hang of other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram and many of them probably do not even know that websites like Vine exist.

Small businesses do not have the “right” to pay for marketing.

Absolutely false! If anything, small businesses are the one with the most to gain from paid advertising as it could be the leverage they need to make them compete with the boys in the big leagues. Of course, this does not mean you have to splurge or invest all your eggs in one marketing basket. That would be suicidal.

Rather, you can take things one step at a time and be strategic with your every move. You can start with Facebook ads as they are fairly easy to set up, reasonably priced and they are quick to deliver results. However, you should also keep in mind that marketing campaigns are only meant to get people’s attention. Making sure that you keep them interested is another story.

You should only make your website responsive to Apple devices.

Absolutely wrong! I have always been an Apple fan, from the very first time they released their iPod devices. And so it is with much pain that I have to admit to the fact that Android is fast eclipsing sales and the number of users that Apple has. I really think this has to do with the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer the driving force behind the company, but whatever the reason is – you can check all the latest studies and they will show that more and more people are using Android devices.

As such, when making your website or blog responsive, remember to keep Apple and Android devices in mind. Better yet, just make it responsive, period, regardless of the user’s mobile operating system.

Effective content marketing means more content should be posted!

Absolutely incorrect! Always remember that quality should be prioritized over quantity. Rather than drive yourself to the limits writing hundreds of articles that most of your readers would likely think as drivel, it’s best to focus on making your every article the best it can be. If you have writers working for you, encourage them to explore new subjects (as long as they are relevant to the target market of course) and write the way they want to. Give them the time and creative freedom they require to develop the best content and you will be rewarded – always.

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