Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work for a lot of SEO specialists. Some of them were extremely good at their jobs. Others – not so much. One thing I’ve learned from observing all of them at work is the fact that you shouldn’t choose an online marketing agency based on the size of its workforce, its level of popularity, or even the number of years it’s been in business. What really matters – and what gets the job done beyond customer satisfaction – is how much the company cares about delivering quality service.

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Or at least you shouldn’t think that the number of employees a company has is immediately proportionate to the range of skills and productivity that its employees have to offer. Ultimately, what you should focus on here is the company’s ability to take care of every aspect of your website and your Internet marketing plan in general.

The ideal online marketing agency should be able and ready to provide clients with a team of professionals consisting of the following:

• SEO Specialist
• Social Media Manager
• Visual Arts Producer
• Content Provider
• Web Developer and Programmer
• Business Strategist or Consultant


It’s not enough that the agency you’re working with says they’re able to provide 24/7 customer service. Rather, it’s ideal if your agency proactively seeks you out to keep you updated about how your website is doing and what activities they’re working on for continuous improvement and for reaching long-term goals.

You must feel comfortable to speak your mind with your agency. You shouldn’t have to worry about how they’d take your suggestions or requests. You’re the customer and therefore it’s what you want that’s the priority. If they act like it’s the other way around, then that’s not the kind of marketing company you’d want to work with.


Evolution is the norm for Internet marketing. As such, it’s also best if you work with an online marketing agency that understands the need for innovation – and acts on it. Are you aware, for instance, that social bookmarking isn’t as powerful a marketing tool as it used to be? If your website is still relying on old SEO techniques to get its ranking up, that could be one of the primary reasons why your competitors are constantly getting ahead of you.


It’s not just about avoiding black hat techniques. More importantly than that, you need to make sure your online marketing agency would not be doing anything to harm your reputation. Remember that they’re basically representing your business on the Internet. Any offense or violation they commit would reflect back on your company.


Finally, I’ve seen a lot of online marketers get so creative with their work they forget the fact that their deliverables are time-sensitive. On the other hand, I’ve also seen how some online marketers are so focused on getting everything done on time they become negligent with the quality of their work.

Here at PIN Agency, I like how we’re given leeway to do what we feel and think is best about our work – but within reasonable means. The big bosses make sure that they don’t stifle our creativity. For us writers, for example, we’re allowed to blog virtually about anything we want here – and we don’t even have to use keywords!

Such creative liberties make us love our work more, which in turn inspire us to return the favor by doing the best possible job we can for the company and, of course, the clients.

I guess all this boils down to one thing: if the employees of your online marketing agency are happy about what they’re doing – so much that they’re even willing to work overtime on the spot if the situation calls for it – you’ve definitely picked a winner to manage your website.

Oh, and yes – I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say all of us are happy here. 🙂

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