Hello dear reader, I am Mik Pam , one of the company’s principals , I would like to personally welcome you to our first blog post as Pin Agency .

Since its inception Pin Agency was founded on the belief that business owners already have a boatload of duties and responsibilities from their day to day operations and to add the formidable tasks of internet marketing could prove to be overwhelming and hence left under serviced. An in house team takes time to build and can cost a pretty penny. Our goal is to be a business owner’s partner in growing their brand online efficiently and affordably. To address this we have assembled a team of expert search engine marketers, creative web designers and smart web developers most of which you will meet in the succeeding posts.

This blog’s goal is to provide you with news and tips on online marketing, SEO, design concepts and technology , stuff we care about and share with you the inner workings of our digital agency. Our team will be posting opinion pieces in this blog and we highly encourage user dialog. Leave us comments and ask us questions about and because the comments are moderated there might be a slight delay before they get posted.
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We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, partners and clients whose help and support keep our company going . You are the fuel that runs Pin Agency and for that we are very appreciative.

We are excited and always looking forward to tackling marketing challenges. Let’s do this .

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