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What is a car wrap?

A car wrap is special vinyl material that is applied on the surface of a vehicle to alter or customize its appearance. Car wraps are primarily used as a marketing medium to promote businesses; they are also applied to customize the look of a personal passenger vehicle. A car wrap can completely or partially cover a vehicle, and usually lasts up to five years, and even more with proper maintenance.

Before car wrapping technology came about, the appearance of cars can only be altered through a paint job, which can take weeks to accomplish. With car wrapping, car owners only need to wait a couple of days, thanks to the ease at which vinyl vehicle wraps are applied. Vehicle wraps can also be easily removed, allowing you to change or modify your vehicle’s appearance as often as you want without the price tag that paint jobs come with.

Car wraps have become extremely popular in the realm of motorsports. The vinyl used to cover and design race cars is lighter than paint, making car wraps the preferred option where speed is essential.