Casa Nuevo Vida


Casa Nuevo Vida is one of the leading recovery homes in California for good reason. Everything in the community speaks about comfort and tranquility. Many of our clients have come to Casa Nuevo Vida at the suggestion of their families and friends. Others chose us on their own because they knew we can provide privacy and an environment conducive to healing.

Most individuals, when they try to cope with addiction on their own, are unable to because their environments contain too many triggers. At Casa Nuevo Vida, recovering individuals are removed from the people, places and things that could cause triggers of addiction and alcoholism. Here, they are able to reflect and think about what they really want to do with their lives.

All of our clients can be assured of one thing: utter comfort. Within our homes, residents get the opportunity to be more in touch with nature and with themselves. Away from the pressures of everyday life, they are able to relax, and mingle with others who are in different stages of recovery. When necessary, our clients also enjoy the solitude of their private living quarters.

At Casa Nuevo Vida, we make sure that all of the factors that contribute to your healing are made ideal. We offer sanctuary, especially if what you need the most is privacy. When you choose Casa Nuevo Vida, you can think of our homes as your secret haven. We believe that when recovering addicts and alcoholics are allowed to live in tranquility, they are better able to resist the urge to fall back into past destructive habits.