Although I love to read and write, there are occasionally times when I truly have no idea what to say anymore when I’m up again to write an article about Internet marketing. One possible reason, of course, is because I’ve still a long way to go. There are still so many things I have to learn that I know I’m just not yet in the position to share tips about, say, choosing an Internet marketing company or coming up with an SEO campaign.

Internet Marketing

But ask me to write a story anytime and I can probably do that in a minute. With stories, having a certain amount of knowledge about a certain subject matter does not matter. Sure, there are stories that are meant to educate and illustrate but I’m not talking about that. I love writing stories that are meant to entertain and believe it or not, but these can be good for increasing traffic to your site as well.

Ready to Success

Road to Success

Everyone loves a success story. Well, okay – haters will always hate, but don’t mind them. They are not your target market. Success stories make a great read because they are inspiring, educational, and everyone can relate to it. Success stories can also exhibit the core values that your company believes in, and that always helps make you more credible in the eyes of prospective clients.

When writing a success story, remember to pay attention to the following:

  • Humble beginnings – Readers need to have a clear idea of where and how you started.
  • Goals – You must have had a goal in the past, and it’s essential that you show in your story how you achieved it – or how you ended up achieving something even greater.
  • Hurdles – They make your success story more exciting.
  • Rewards – This is where you define success. Make sure not to concentrate on the material stuff only, though. Talk about how your success also changed you for the better or how it enabled you to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Humorous Anecdotes

Every time I have a copy of Reader’s Digest, I immediately flip the pages so I can read the sections where readers get to submit jokes and anecdotes about their experiences at work, home, or just about anything that makes you shake your head and say with a grin, “That’s life.”

Those stories were not written by professional writers, but they had the most amazing impact on me and they often have really great moral lessons that stick with me till the end. If you find yourself in a writing stump now and then, believe me when I say that your readers just as often find themselves in a reading stump and these anecdotes may just the thing both of you need to shake things up a little.

Before writing a humorous anecdote, here are a few things you should consider.

  • Is it really funny? Test it out and share your story with a friend. If you win a barrel of laughs, then you’ve got a winner in your hands.
  • Is it offensive? Play it safe and stay away from lewd jokes. They’re better off written somewhere else.
  • Is it relevant? Sure it’s funny, but will your readers be able to relate to it? Remember that the main reason readers – old or new – find themselves on your website is because they want to know something about your niche. If you’re in the advertising business and you suddenly talk about religion, that’s more likely to get you some raised eyebrows than chuckles.

Whichever of the two strategies you choose, always remember that they will only work if and when you have fun writing them. So have fun and your readers will have fun, too!

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