Infographics have always been an interest of mine because I see them as a perfect mix of text and graphics. For any web design agency, having their own infographics would definitely be a tremendous asset – but only if it succeeds in capturing its audience. Here are a few examples of the kinds of infographics that I believe work extremely well in grabbing readers’ attention – and why.


Why I Like This:

What impressed me the most about this infographic ad is how it was able to provide a lot of interesting and relevant ‘sixty-second data.’ Everyone can give data about blog posts, comments, and search queries – but this one made such data unique by adding a timeframe to it.

Lesson learned: Make generic data unique by looking at it from another point of view.


Why I Like This: I always believe in the saying “less is more” and this infographic ad is proof of it. Trees are one of the most commonly used symbols in art. They can already be considered a cliché but not when they are used effectively like in this case here.

With just one look, I know readers would understand how Internet marketing works. From this infographic ad, we know that everything about Internet marketing starts and ends with your website and that writing an Internet marketing plan is rooted in research, content, strategy, and branding.

I feel like I’ve just completed an online marketing course with this one ad, to be honest!

Lesson Learned: Clichéd symbols can still be powerful if they are used effectively and even more if they are combined with data that is concisely presented.


Why I Like This: I see infographics as a way of summarizing data and unfortunately there are infographics that do not properly summarize their content. Instead, they just become photos combined with content – that’s all.

This third ad is one of the best examples of how you can properly categorize and summarize data with just one image. Although it’s sharing so much information, it is not overwhelming at the same time. Consider the phrase “too much information” – and know that this infographic ad is the opposite of it.

Lesson learned: If you have a lot of data to deliver with just one ad, then you should focus on categorizing the data first.


Why I Like This: I will be completely honest and say that it was the artist’s use of colors that attracted me the most. BUT I think that’s also a good thing because if you notice – the visuals used in this infographic ad are something you can easily create with basic Photoshop skills or even just MS Office.

I often hear a lot of people complain how infographics are not something they can do because they do not have the right tools or skills for it. I think this infographic chart proves them wrong. They may only be a collection of pie charts and bar graphs but the use of colors is so effective that it has become as eye-catching as other and more elaborately illustrated infographics!

Lesson Learned: It’s not about what tools you are using but it’s about HOW you use them.


Please note that there is a larger-sized image available you can post. It has only been resized here to fit the document.

Why I Like This: Lastly, for this infographic ad I love how simple and creative it is at the same time. It sums up everything I have liked in the previous four ads – the visual objects used here do not have to be Photoshopped. You can just copy and paste them using something as simple as MS Paint.
Lesson Learned: You do not need to be a graphic artist to create your own infographics. You just have to be creative, resourceful and most important of all – you need to have data worth sharing.

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