Businesses today are consumer-driven; meaning—marketing is geared towards a particular target market. This is unlike what used to be in the past where products and services were created and offered to people but not thinking what end-users need. The cyber age has offered people a variety of choices and a great guide in helping them develop better judgment.

Top Content Marketing Tools that can Influence Consumers

Wiser customers

Some businesses still delve on the thought that what they want to sell can still “sell”. What they are not aware of is that consumers have evolved into being more knowledgeable and are able to pinpoint what they need. Products that do not offer much benefit are left untouched and until manufacturers recall them from display which can be quite frustrating for distributors and vendors. Nevertheless, it is more beneficial for companies who know what to sell and know the right time to introduce their products.

Pushing is passé

What is important in marketing is how to drive customers to like a product being pushed. But since pushing is not how things go right now, pulling them in could be the most appropriate measure to take in order to see an increased production. To save some funds, it may be wiser to use other processes instead of using the costlier billboard, TV and flyer schemes.

Below are top 5 content marketing tools that shrewd investors use:

  • #5 – Newsletters: No matter what they say, newsletters are still good resources of information. Old school as other readers think these may be, this type of writing captures the hearts of older audiences and those who know where to get valuable info.

  • #4 – eBooks: Freebies attract a huge crowd and it is a fact that free items stir curiosity. Whitepapers and eBooks that provide information about different topics are welcome delights for those who want to get more detailed information on either a service or merchandise. Giving away an eBook makes a lot of difference as you can develop a subscriber list out of it.

  • #3 – Blogging: Excellent content is tops. What a business owner want their audience to know shall be written on blogs to introduce their brainchild to the public. However, there is a need to hire great writers who can develop meaningful content out of the data your product has to capture more attention and draw people to like or use the offered business.

  • #2 – Infographics: Visual aids can be remembered fast by busy readers. The Internet offers several venues that are quite popular and Pinterest is one of them. Imagine being seen on Facebook with an image that relates to your company and pasted on it is a short message that can draw them back to your site.

  • #1 – Video: Videos are a viral form of campaign material. It can be told that videos are harder to create compared to its written counterparts but profits could be enormous. An experienced Internet marketing agency can put together a good image of you and place it on YouTube or on your landing page that can tell all the things your business offers.

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