Web Development With A Los Angeles Flair

Web development is a general term, but it basically means just what it implies - the development of the web. Think of the internet as a vast expanse of real estate broken up into individual properties. While the property itself has little value (there is, after all, plenty of space to go around) the value comes in the improvements you make to the parcel. Your own piece of the web.



cultivate_your_websiteWebsite Cultivation

Improving, or developing, your little corner of the web involves a number of components that must be implemented and maintained in order for your parcel to appreciate in value over time.

Clearing Out the Weeds

Once your website is established, much like a garden, it requires a skilled caretaker to be fruitful. Top performing websites are high maintenance and like to be coaxed and coddled. Either you can take that job on yourself, or you can take care of all of the other things in life that demand your attention and leave the dirty work to the professionals.

Developing a substantive web platform for your business is the base from which your design , marketing and strategy should emanate from . When your online systems are aligned with your goals then you ensure your project will be built on a solid foundation. Pinagency embraces these core principle with development . We support more interaction over processes and tools , working systems over documentation , client collaboration over contract negotiations and responding to change over following a strict linear plan. This is how we develop for the web , we are your Agile development team that delivers meaningful and timely results.

Web Development needs to address these things for businesses:

  1. It solves a problem
  2. It mitigates costs
  3. It provides efficiencies

A substantial amount of users see the web as largely visual. Over time it has become highly interactive with sites like Facebook and Youtube pushing the boundaries of what is "good design" and usability. However, there is an unseen beauty behind every website in its architecture. At Pin Agency, we treat our code like artwork by keeping it ornate while finding new and inventive ways to build websites.

Techies Love Change

Web technologies are constantly evolving and changing. We make sure we adapt to what's new while at the same time remembering our coding roots. We know that "deprecated" doesn't always mean forgotten and "new" doesn't always mean cross browser friendly. Take a look at some of the latest technologies that we employ in our development process.


Let's Get Optimized

Making sure that your site loads fast is our priority too. Speed and a smooth browsing experience go a lot further than first impressions; it can affect your page rank and visibility as well. We strive to write code that is semantic and cross browser compatible, taking advantage of all the amazing tools that the development community has to offer.

By minimizing the amount of CSS and JavaScript that we use, we ensure that your website runs without any hiccups. We can also reinforce your site with various caching techniques and on the fly improvements encouraging growth for your site.

Some of our favorite open source tools are: Minify, Modernizr, Formalize, 960 Grid, Bootstrap, Github

Building the Building Blocks

Industry standards go a long way in making sure you have a strong foundation behind your beautifully designed website. We are well versed with the most popular content management systems and specialize in customization and themeing of the following CMS platforms: